The Police Public Complaint Commission (PPCC) is a civilian oversight Institution which was established under the Police Public Complaints Commission Act No. 18 of 2016.  The main functions of PPCA were to;

  • To receive and investigate all complaints against Police actions; and
  • To investigate all complaints against police actions which result in serious injury or death of a person.

Mission Statement

“To secure individual fundamental Human Rights and freedoms from police abuse through sensitization of partners, the general public and other stakeholders.”

Legislative Mandate

The functions of Police Public Complaints Commission are as specified in the Constitution and to;

  • Investigate police action;
  • Undertake inquiries into, or audit of, any aspect of police action;
  • Ensure transparency and accountability by police officers in the handling of criminal matters, in accordance with the principles of the Constitution;
  • Take such steps and measures as are necessary for the efficient and effective handling of investigations and complaints under this Act;
  • Advise the Minister and the Zambia Police Service on the prevention and elimination of occurrence of police action;
  • Cooperate with other institutions within and outside Zambia with similar functions; and
  • Perform any other function conferred on the commission by or under this Act or any other written law.

The Commission may, in furtherance of its functions –

  • Collect any information that it considers necessary for the performance of its functions under the constitution and this Act.
  • Undertake consultation, hearing and inquiries for purpose of performing its functions under the constitution and this Act; and
  • Receive written or oral statements from any person or organization for purpose of its functions under this Act.