The National Archives of Zambia is responsible for the control and custody of the Public Archives and records of Government, State Corporations, missions and individuals; and for the preservation of manuscripts, maps and pictorial matters relating to the Republic of Zambia. The Department facilitates lawful access to information in accordance with Cap. 175 and Cap. 161 of the Laws of Zambia.

Mission statement

To effectively manage and preserve public records, archives, printed and non-printed publications in order to facilitate lawful access to this information to all stakeholders, thereby promoting efficiency and effective government administration.


  • To provide for the preservation, custody, control and disposal of public archives including public records of Zambia;
  • Registration of newspapers;
  • To provide for the printing and publication of books; and
  • The preservation of printed works published in Zambia.

The role of the National Archives will be to provide an efficient and effective records management system and safe custody of all public records, archives and printed and non-printed publications in order to ensure lawful access to information by government institutions and the general public.”

To effectively carry out its role, the National Archives will have the following functions:-

  1. To develop and implement records management programmes in order to improve accessibility and retrieval of records;
  2. To provide adequate and suitable facilities for the safe custody of documents in order to prolong their lifespan and continued accessibility.
  3. To publicize operations of the National Archives in order to promote the services of the department;
  4. To initiate the review of legislation related to the administration and management of records and non-print and printed publications in order to conform to local and international standards.
  5. To promote international co-operation in order to foster information exchange.
  6. To manage and utilise logistical and administrative support services for the effective and efficient operation of the department;
  7. To manage and develop human resources for the effective and efficient performance of the department; and
  8. To establish and maintain an effective and efficient manual and automated records management system in order to facilitate easy retrieval of information and contribute to improved service delivery.